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Norani Qaida

Learn Norani Qaida(basic pamphlet to learn Holy Qur’an)?

What is Noorani Qaida?
Noorani Qaida is the basic book to understand the Holy Qur’an. It begins with the Arabic alphabet and help the students how the alphabets are connected with the accents of Fatha, Dhamma & Kasra  (three vowel signs of Arabic alphabets).

Why you should learn Noorani Qaida?
This is very helpful for kids, adults & new converted to Islam to recite the Holy Book correctly. This Qaida is like a root for understanding both Holy Qur’an and the Arabic language.

To read and understand Arabic alphabets.

To be able to join Arabic alphabets by helping of Arabic vowel signs.

To be able to read different set of Arabic’s words with basic rules.