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Islamic Shariah Courses

What is Shariah?
The Shariah is made up of commandments, rules, and regulations that are designed by God to protect and benefit all of humankind.  It is true that Shariah does encompass a penal code and system of law but that is only one aspect of it.  It also provides the framework for a functioning society with specific moral, ethical, social, and political codes of conduct.  The Shariah allows everyone to form an ongoing relationship with God.  Its laws provide the guidance humankind requires so that good will triumph over evil. The Shariah is derived from the primary sources of Islam, the Quran and the authentic Sunnah, or teachings, of Prophet Muhammad.  The Quran gives us the main principles while the Sunnah provides the details of their application.  For example, when the Quran tells us to establish the prayer we must turn to the Sunnah in order to understand the details of how to pray.

Why we need to learn shariah?
Every Ummah, every community, has an identity. At the core of every identity, there are ideas. The idea that is at the core of the Muslim identity is the Shariah.

It is not possible to live in today’s world without understanding the objectives, the purposes, the ends, and the principles of the Shariah.

So this course is for those who are interested in living an authentic Islamic life, yet a contemporary life that deals with contemporary issues.


  1. To learn Islamic Creed (Aqeeda)
  2. To understand sayings of prophet SAAW (Hadeeth)
  3. To learn Science of Holy Qur’an.
  4. To understand rules and regulations of Islamic Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
  5. To learn Islamic History and Civilization
  6. To learn Tarbiah: personal development (Ethics and Manners)