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Intensive Arabic language course

What is Arabic language?
Arabic is a Semitic language originating from the Arabian Peninsula. With its Origins in the 6th Century, the Muslim World expanded, Arabic spread into Africa and Asia. The distribution of the Arabic language began within the seventh century throughout the Islamic conquests which expanded Arabic’s reach from the Middle Eastern countries into Northern Africa. Arabic began to prosper for a while before having to incorporate new words and technological dependent terms. Today Arabic is the official language of 26 Countries and spoken by 280 Million worldwide.

Why you need to learn Arabic language?
Arabic language is very important in Islam because we Muslims believe that Allah (God) used it to talk to prophet Muhammad SAAW through the angel Gabriel (Jibril), giving him the Quran in Arabic. Many other languages have borrowed words from Arabic, because of its importance in history.


Learn Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar (Nahw/Sarf)

Learn how to read Arabic texts and understand Holy Qur’an.

How to speak Arabic fluently according to grammar rules.

Learn how to write Arabic language.